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Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques Workshop
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Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques:
A fun workshop filled with smoke, fire and fumes!

2.5 days: 3, 4 & 5 May 2019 – Millstone Pottery, McGregor

This workshop offers you the opportunity of firing your pots using a variety of different alternative kilns and techniques. Each one of these unique methods results in spontaneous and dramatic effects on the work. Enjoy the beauty and magic of these ancient techniques as you glaze, burnish, and fire. Six separate low-temperature firings will be explored, including:


  • Smoke & Barrel
  • Pit
  • Sawdust
  • Paper Kiln
  • Foil Saggar
  • Raku


Guest presenter: Bathurst-based potter, Richard Pullen

This workshop is suitable for professional potters, hobby potters, students and teachers.

All ceramic pieces used should be brought with you. Bisque will be available for sale if needed.

Cost: R2 750 per person, includes all meals for the duration of the workshop. R1 000 deposit is required for registration.



Numbers are limited. To book, or for more information, please contact Nina on
023 625 1599, 072 544 2145 or email:

For accommodation enquiries, see


Other workshops at Millstone Pottery in 2019:

12–14 July
Raku Workshop. Includes naked, horsehair, obvaru, copper fuming and traditional methods. Cost: R2 750 (includes meals)

18–20 October
High-temperature Wood-firing Jamboree. Includes possibility of firing work for inclusion in “The Cube” as part of a group Wood-firing exhibition. Cost: R3 500 (includes meals)


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